Aluminum Fences in Maryland

Elegant Aluminum Fences and Gates in Howard County + Montgomery County

Aluminum fences today are a far cry away from the chain-link fences most homeowners envision. Aluminum and metal fences have evolved to be elegant, bold, beautiful, sleek, and decorative.

Evergreen Fence and Deck offers aluminum fences that come in a variety of styles. Whether you’re looking for a full property border or an accent piece to your landscaping, aluminum fencing in Howard County is the perfect investment for many homeowners looking for alternative fence designs outside of wood, vinyl, and chainlink.


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Why Choose an Aluminum Fence in Howard County

Rust-Free and Long-Lasting

Aluminum is a rust-resistant material, meaning your investment in an aluminum fence can last upwards of 40 or more years with proper maintenance.

This is a huge benefit compared to wood, which rots or warps, and vinyl which often needs replaced around 30 years and cleaned annually. Aluminum fencing, however, maintains its appearance.

Variety of Designs

Aluminum fences come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and designs. This allows for almost total control of your new fence appearance.

Homeowners love selecting a bold color to accent their foliage or a timeless black matte that creates a border for their home. Choose from a range of heights, spacing options, toppers, and more.

Endless Styles and Flexibility

Because of how aluminum fencing is manufactured and designed, it is the perfect fencing option for odd corners, slopes, uneven terrain, or custom configurations.

This is often why aluminum fencing is used for gardens, pools, or other decorative items in landscaping – it can fit any style and shape you envision.

Cost-Effective Metal Fence

Compared to other metal fencing options, aluminum fencing is an affordable material that lasts for decades. It is timeless and sleek like steel, but much more lightweight and affordable.

This is an investment that costs more upfront compared to wood or vinyl options, but lasts longer with fewer maintenance requirements.

Sustainable Options

You can find aluminum fences made from recycled materials, making it an eco-friendly investment for your yard and landscaping needs.

Additionally, because it does not require chemical treatments or paint refinishes, it uses no harmful chemicals as part of the fence maintenance.

Explore Aluminum Fencing Options in Maryland with Evergreen Fence and Deck

Is an aluminum fence the right option for your home? Invest in an aluminum fence to outline walkways, create a safety border around a pool or water fixture, enhance landscaping, protect a garden, and more.

We offer FREE ESTIMATES on all projects, so contact us today to discuss your fence needs, the vision you have, what color and style options you’re interested in, and an installation date and time. 

Our goal is to provide you the home of your dreams, so let’s get started.

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