Chain Link Fencing in Montgomery & Howard County, MD

Traditional Chain Link Fences in Maryland Are Affordable and Versatile

Looking for a popular fence option that is affordable and has a variety of uses? Chain link fences in Montgomery and Howard County are the way to go!

While wood fencing and vinyl fences are popular options, especially for privacy fences, sometimes visibility or fast installation is more important. 

Chain link fences set a property line, section off parts of a yard, protect gardens and pools, and allow you to watch pets and kids from inside or outside the enclosure.

If you are interested in a chain link fence installation in Howard and Montgomery County, MD, contact the fence contractors at Evergreen Fence and Deck today.

Chain Link Fencing in Howard County, Maryland


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Why Choose a Chain Link Fence in Maryland for Your Home


Unlike other fencing options like vinyl or wood, chain link fences are one of the most affordable fencing options.

This is great for homeowners who are in need of a fence urgently or want something simple.

Low Maintenance

Chain link fence require virtually no maintenance. Where-as wood fences need to be watched for bugs or damage and vinyl requires power washing, chain link fences are installed and done.

The material does not rust and as long as nothing damages your chain link fence, it requires no work on your part once it’s up.


The downside to other fence types is that they limit the visibility of your space. This can be problematic with kids or pets if you want to keep an eye on them when outside of the yard.

Chain link fence also allow you to monitor your pool space, garden, patio, and more. Define your property line and keep family members safe while maintaining a full view with a chain link fence in Howard County.


Chain link fences are NOT all the same. Today, there are different color options, styles, heights, widths, spacing, and more.

Opt for a green chain link fence to blend in your yard or garden or opt for black to have a solid border. If you’re picturing a traditional chain link fence, there are more options out there for you to choose from.

Fast Installation

A great benefit of chain link fences is that they are fast to build. With a professional fence company handling installation, you can expect your chain link fence to be up quickly, so no wait for wood planks or vinyl post installation.


Due to its open construction, chain link fences are great for durability. Wind passes through with ease and the aluminum construction is tough against rain, falling debris, and more. A chain link fence will last you 25-30 years easy, especially if you stay on top of affordable repairs.

Easy Repairs

Repairs for chain link fences are easy and affordable. Sections can be updated without hassle and you can always repaint updated sections so the look is still seamless. This is a big difference from vinyl or wood fencing that has more time-consuming and costly repairs.

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