Privacy Fence Installation in Howard & Montgomery County, MD

Privacy fences are a popular investment by homeowners. Properly installed and well-maintained professional privacy fences enhance home value and curb appeal while creating a comfortable environment you and your family can enjoy.

Evergreen Fence and Deck installs privacy fences in Howard and Montgomery County and throughout Maryland so homeowners can take full advantage of their lawn space. 

This can include creating a space for dogs and other pets, outlining the border of the property, adding a finishing touch to landscaping, or creating a more comfortable and intimate yard for homeowners to enjoy.

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Why Homeowners Opt for a Privacy Fence in Maryland

Privacy for Pools, Hot Tubs, and More

Privacy fences aren’t just about creating a boundary around a yard or restricting the view of neighbors.

Homeowners who either have or plan on getting a pool, hot tub, patio, or other cookout area appreciate the seclusion a privacy fence provides, especially in suburban areas or housing developments.

Property Lines and Boundaries

Privacy fences don’t just create privacy for homeowners by blocking views, privacy fences help create a clear border and outline property lines.

This can be beneficial in both rural and urban areas, where unclear property lines can lead to trespassing or land misuse.

Pet and Child Freedom

Evergreen Fence and Deck installs privacy fences to help homeowners create a safe backyard for their children and pets to play.

Dogs, kids, and even indoor/outdoor cats benefit from a privacy fence because it enables them to play in their own yard safely without fear of jumping or climbing the fence.

Safety and Security

A tall privacy fence not only provides a bordered lawn for pets and children to safely explore, a privacy fence can help keep other critters out. This can include stray dogs and cats, opossums, raccoons, and more.

This allows restricted access to people who may wander through yards in housing developments or in rural areas, where property lines are blurred or unclear.

Home Value and Curb Appeal

A well-maintained fence of any kind provides added home value plus curb appeal. This is an investment whether you plan to sell your home soon or not for years to come.

Whether you select wood or vinyl, a maintained fence creates a beautiful landscaping addition for any home.

Weather Protection

High winds can be buffered by privacy fences, gardens shielded from deer and harsh weather, and patios can be granted shade with privacy fences.

The height and solid material offers many benefits, including keeping blown debris out of your yard during high wind storms.

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