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Looking for a wood fence for your home to provide privacy, security, visual appeal, and better home value? Evergreen Fence and Deck is the fencing company in Maryland for you.

Wood fences are in high demand from homeowners. The visual appeal is stunning, the cost is affordable, there is a wide variety of design options, and the maintenance is simple. For over 25 years, our team has been hired to design and install wood fences throughout Montgomery County, Howard County, and neighboring areas in Maryland.

Improve the function of your land and your home’s curb appeal today with wood fencing from Evergreen Fence and Deck.

Types of Wood Fences in Maryland

Privacy Wood Fence

Privacy Vertical Board Fence

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Space Picket with Dip Fence

Scalloped Wood Fence

Vertical Board Wood Fence

Privacy Wood Fence

Vertical Board Wood Fence

Lattice Wood Fence

Alternate Board Fence

Board on Board Wood Fence

Privacy Vertical Solid Wood Fence

Fences and Property Lines

Semi-Private Custom Wood Fence

Privacy Wood Board on Board Fence


Flat Top Space Picket Fence

Space Picket with Dip Wood Fence

Pointed Space Picket Wood Fence

Semi-Private Horizontal Wood Fence

Semi-Private Horizontal Wood Fence

Shadowbox Wood Fence

Privacy Board on Board with Top Fascia Board Wood Fence

4 Board Paddock Wood Fence

Fence Gate

4 Rail Split Rail Wood Fence

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Spaced Pointed Picket Wood Fence

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The Benefits of Wood Fencing in Montgomery County MD

Curb Appeal

One reason wood fencing is so popular in Maryland is because of the curb appeal. Wooden fences are beautiful, timeless, and enhance any property visually.

This is because wood fencing blends in seamlessly with landscaping, creating a smooth transition from lawn to fence for the eye to follow. And even as it rains, becomes worn, or stains, the wood darkens to a beautiful color naturally.

Home Value

Whether you’re considering selling your home or improving the home value for a later time, a wood fence is a wise investment.

Wood fences are more affordable than any other fence materials, but it still greatly impacts your overall home value. Installing a wood fence in Howard County is an easy way to increase your property value with ease.

Privacy Designs

If you’re interested in a privacy fence, a wood fence gets the job done. Because this material is more affordable than other fences, it’s easy to invest in the materials to reach a 6-foot or 8-foot height.

You can also achieve a semi-private design with wooden lattice at the topping – wood fences allow for a variety of privacy designs.

Easy Maintenance

Unlike other fence materials, like vinyl, wood fencing is easy to maintain. No need to maintain regular power washing or scrubbing.

Simply inspect your wood fence seasonally for splintering or other damage that may require minor repairs. As your wood becomes worn, aesthetically it will still look beautiful.

Affordable Cost

The cost of a wood fence is much less compared to other fencing materials, like vinyl. Your investment goes further, has a wide range of variety, and you can still select from a range of designs.

If you think a new Fence Installation is out of reach, consider wood fencing when buying on a budget.

Long Lasting

While some fence materials don’t age very nicely, wood still looks beautiful as it ages and becomes worn in.

While maintenance is still important, well maintained wood fences will last longer than other fence materials that also require the same, if not more, maintenance.


Wood fences come in picket, board, post, privacy, and split-rail designs. You can opt for lattice, posts, boards, and more when designing a new wood fence for your home.

This allows you to get a custom look without having to consider a wide variety of fencing materials. You can go for a natural look or opt for a stain of your choice. A wood fence can achieve a whimsical design, sturdy, elegant, subtle, bold, and more.

Ready to begin your fence installation? Contact us to learn more about your fencing options today!

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