Dog Fences in Montgomery County & Howard County, MD

Enhance Your Landscaping, All While Keeping Your Pet Safe

At Evergreen Fence and Deck, we know that fences aren’t just about property lines or privacy – reliable, aesthetically pleasing dog fences are about giving your pet a safe space to roam and utilizing the most your yard has to offer.

This is why we offer a variety of fence types so you can get the perfect dog fence for your home and your beloved pet. 

Whether you need something 6ft tall to stop a jumper or you are looking for something simple to contain a quiet napper, we have all the options you need to get a dog fence in Howard County and Montgomery County, MD.

Types of Dog Fence in Maryland


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The Benefits of a Dog Fence in Howard County and Montgomery County, MD


The main reason to invest in a dog fence for your pet is for security. No more fear about them escaping from a lead line or having to do walks late at night.

Dog fences also keep other critters and free-roaming pets out, so your dog has total use of the space without concern about other dogs, cats, deer, and nearby animals.

Peace of Mind

Having a dog fence allows you to have peace of mind. Know with assurance that your dog is protected, both from getting out and stopping other animals from wandering in, you can let them out in the morning, afternoon, and late at night.

Remove the stress that comes from an open backyard and be confident your pet is secure in your backyard.

Optimal Use of Yard

Without a dog fence in Howard County, you and your pet probably aren’t using your yard to its fullest capabilities.

You are restricted by where you can go before you’re out of sight of your dog, how far your dog’s leash can reach, and you may stop using all of your yard in order to stay close. This isn’t ideal for you or your pet.


Walks are a great stimulator for dogs and good exercise, but these can become stagnant or hard to maintain every day.

A new dog fence in Howard County allows your dog to stretch their legs and reach full running speed. This means better exercise with fetch, agility, training, and even in bad weather. Overall better for your pet’s health and stimulation.

Garden Protection

If gardening is something you love to do, a new dog fence installation is the right asset to protect your hard work and your pet’s health.

Whether you want something tall and solid or something small and elegant, a dog fence can help protect your flowers, vegetables, and other plants from your dog. This means no missing vegetables and no worrying that your pet might get into something that is bad for their health.

Pool Safety

Homes with pools should have fences for both child and pet safety.

A dog fence ensures your pet cannot access your pool, both when you’re in the pool and when it’s covered. This means no accidents and full use of your yard without worrying.

Improved Home Value

The best thing about a dog fence is that it improves your home’s value. Wood, chain link, and vinyl fences all enhance your curb appeal and the function of your home.

An investment now for your pet delivers a better home value in return, whether you are looking to sell in 5 years or 15 years.

Variety of Styles

At Evergreen Fence and Deck, choose from wood fences, vinyl fences, chainlink fences, and more. Opt for a bold color or something stained and natural.

You can get a small, traditional picket fence for calmer dogs or get a privacy fence for dogs that like to jump. Whichever dog fence you want, we are able to make it happen.

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