How Much Does a Deck with Stairs Cost to Build [2024]

Ready to spruce up your outdoor living with a brand new deck build? The first step is being prepared for the estimate of a new deck with stairs installation cost. We help you break down the average costs and what to expect so you can budget and plan properly for your br new deck installation. Want an estimate today? Contact Evergreen Fence and Deck in Maryland for a new deck installation estimate.
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Average Cost of a Deck Build in 2023

The average cost of a new deck build ranges anywhere from $20 – $45 per square foot. This is based on material, labor needed, the difficulty of the new build, and seasonal demand. When you add a new stair installation to a deck build, stairs can cost roughly between $20-$40 per step, which labor costs and material supply can affect.  

What Goes Into a New Deck Estimate

To determine the cost of your new deck installation, you’ll want to consider a variety of factors. These will all be included in your new deck estimate from your local decking company when you request a quote.

Factors that are considered include:

  • Labor
  • Difficulty of installation
  • Removal of old deck
  • Deck material
  • Deck size
  • Stairs, railings, benches, and other additions
  • Seasonal demand
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How Deck Material Affects the Cost of a New Deck with Stairs

The biggest cost factor that you as a homeowner can control is the material you choose for your decking. There are a large variety of decking materials to choose from and each of these has its pros, cons, and unique price points.

While your local decking company in Maryland can help recommend the best choice of material for your situation and climate, here are some cost tips to consider and discuss.

  • Pressure-treated wood: most popular and most affordable with moderate upkeep required
  • Wood, ranging from cedar, bamboo, redwood, and more: can be more affordable than pressure-treated but requires much more maintenance and can be more costly depending on the wood selection
  • Composite: Most expensive of the three most popular decking materials but requires the lowest amount of upkeep and is more economically friendly
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Other Factors That Affect Your Deck Cost

While we’ve covered the main factors that impact the cost of a new deck installation with stairs, here are a few other breakdowns to consider when outlining the design of your new deck.

  • Height of the deck and if it is a covered deck or not
  • Deck board pattern: parallel, diagonal, or custom shapes
  • The foundation of your deck
  • Deck framing material
  • Railings
  • Benches, gazebos, or other designs
  • If the deck will frame a pool
  • Any permits your county or area may require
  • Wiring for lighting or other electrical additions
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How to Get the Most Affordable New Deck Cost

There are plenty of factors out of your control when it comes to a new deck build that can affect the cost, including material demands, labor costs, and the market price of goods. However, some factors that affect cost are in your control and you can help your overall deck budget by following some easy tips.

  • Compare the cost of materials and select what meets your needs the most
  • Request a deck build in the off-season
  • Omit additional deck details for now
  • Downgrade the size of your deck if possible

Request a New Deck Installation Quote Today

Are you ready to add a new deck to your home and embrace outdoor living? Contact our deck company in Montgomery County to request an estimate. We will provide cost breakdowns, budget-saving tips, and help determine the best deck design to meet all of your needs.

Worried a DIY approach may be best? Our estimates are no obligation so you can weigh the pros and cons of the time of installation, material quality, tool acquisition, and more to feel confident in your home investment.

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